Accounts Receivable

Sales Receipt Bug in the QuickBooks Online Version

I have encountered a bug in QuickBooks Online to do with entering a Sales Receipt and subsequently receiving payment at the same time. What has happened is that the Customer account amount does not clear off and remains as an Open Balance. Confusing you say, well it had me scratching my head for a while, so I called Tech Support up. Problem there, was the number to the Canadian Tech Support for...

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Using QuickBooks Statements to Bill Customers

Are you aware that you can bill a Customer using a Statement Charge? This feature does have its limitations, but it would be helpful to you if you just want to accumulate charges before requesting payment. You might also have a customer or customers that you assess a regular monthly charge to. A Billing Statement will list the charges a Customer has accumulated over a period of time. As you...

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How to Deal with NSF Cheques & Bad Debt in QuickBooks

Somewhere along the way in dealing with Customers, you will eventually come across an NSF cheque. It happens, it’s part of business, so don’t get too bent out of shape. How you record this will definitely make a difference. In recording this NSF cheque you will have to reverse the payment in the Customer account and add the bank charge as part of this entry. So with that in mind...

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