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QuickBooks Quik Tip for the Day – Long Customer Lists

If you have large databases full of Customers and Vendors, you need to keep those under control, or they will slow your work down to a crawl. Have you ever tried to search through 35,000 names every time you want to process an invoice or enter a bill? The best way is to make the names Inactive. You will still be able to access them if needed, as they remain in the background, but they...

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QuickBooks Quik Tip for the Day – Inactive Accounts

There will come a time when accounts, customers, vendors, items etc. that you have created are no longer in use. Once you have used those named previously in a transaction, you cannot delete them. So what do you do with a 35,000 customer list when only 5,000 are still active? Well, you can make them Inactive and that will remove them from the current active list and reduce your time searching to...

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