QuickBooks Quik Tip on Sales Tax Problems

If you are a company that has not been entering in the correct Sales Tax information into QuickBooks, to do with your Sales Tax codes, names and Tax Items, chances are you have created a number of  unassigned Sales Tax Amounts. Why should you be concerned? Well, if you proceed to use the Files Sales Tax feature in QuickBooks, you will receive the error message as displayed on the left. This...

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QuickBooks Banking – Transferring Money Between Accounts

Recording the transferring of money in QuickBooks between accounts is quite easy. I am going to use the sample company to transfer $5,000 from chequing to savings to show you how. From the Menu Bar choose Banking/Transfer Funds. Starting from the Date field I will enter in the following information. Transfer Funds From– Chequing Account, Transfer Funds To – Savings, Transfer Amount...

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