Backup failure

2015 CDN QB’s R4 Fixes b/u Failure

Since I first blogged about this problem back on November 19, 2014 and subsequently updated the info, Intuit finally got around to fixing the Backup problem with the R4 release for the 2105 Canadian QuickBooks Desktop Accountants version but… not without its hiccups. First I went to Help/Update QuickBooks. Next QB’s did the Upgrade to the company files which went okay. Then I...

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2015 CDN QBs Desktop Backup Failure!

Not sure if any of you have encountered this problem but my 2015 Canadian QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant version is giving me this error message when I try to do a backup. First I tried the Back Icon then I went to File/Create a Backup and received the same message. This is occurring during the Verify data integrity check. Not sure if you can read it so I will help you. It says –...

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