QuickBooks – Disassembling Inventory Assemblies – Part 15

In response to a question,  yes you can disassemble the inventory assemblies and return the component items to inventory. Any of the following should accomplish that task: From the Home page you can click on the Adjust Quantity On Hand icon in the Company section. You can then adjust  for each assembly component and the assembly item. While in the Build Assemblies window, reduce the quantity...

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QuickBooks Inventory – Building Finished Goods – Part 13

In the last segment (Part 12), I defined the assembly items which define the pieces you build. It is now time to enter in the build. In this exercise, with the sample company that I have been using, I will build two exterior door kits for the sample company. These are the steps to build an inventory assembly: From the Home page and in the Company section or for some of you it may be the Vendor...

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QuickBooks Inventory – Assembly Items – Part 11

Just a reminder before I begin this segment. You can only accomplish this exercise if you have QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise Solutions. You cannot do this with the Pro version. In QuickBooks, creating assembly items is a two-step process. Defining an assembly item will be step number one and then you will build it. I have been asked these questions in relation to the above. Are assembly item...

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