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The Art of Export/Import in QuickBooks Versions, Part Two

Further to Part One on QuickBooks export/import feature, I will now deal with the Item List. For companies that have huge inventory Item Lists this is an important area, because re-entering in thousands of items is not an option. Before I proceed any further, I would like to divulge the trick in making this export/import of the Item List successful. You must import the Chart of Accounts...

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The Art of Export/Import in QuickBooks Versions, Part One

The import/export function was designed to alleviate the re-entry of certain types of QuickBooks lists and transactions. This would usually occur when either a company file has grown too large and a decision has been made to create another company file, or you are creating another similar company that is an affiliate to the parent company. The difficulty or ease of exporting/importing lists and...

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