Cheque Register

QuickBooks Bank Account Registers and their Use

All the accounts that you set up in QuickBooks have a register behind the scenes. There are a couple of ways you can view this register, one would be to go to the Menu Bar, highlight Lists/Charts of Accounts and double click on it. The other way is from your Home page and in the Banking module select Cheque Register.  From the screen shot to the left, this displays that method where you can...

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QuickBooks Banking and How to Work With it

As you can see from the Home page in QuickBooks, Banking is a separate module unto itself. In this module you can perform the following: Write Cheques Print Cheques Use the Cheque Register Record Deposits Reconcile accounts Enter Credit Card Charges In this series of articles I am going to cover some of the above but not all, since some of those have been written about previously. So...

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