QuickBooks Banking – Reconciling Chequing Accounts

Reconciling bank accounts is a procedure that must be done for all companies in a timely manner. By timely, I don’t mean at the end of the fiscal year either – I mean every month. You owners and managers out there, hopefully realize that through the bank comes all monies in and out, so for control purposes the reconciliation is a key component in running a business. All valid...

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QuickBooks – How to Pay Your Payroll Liabilities

As you may know as the employer, you are required to track both the payroll expenses and liabilities as per the Employment Standards Act.  The following are the amounts and accounts you will look after: Company-paid portions of EI and CPP/QPP Company-paid benefits for your employees – e.g. company-provided dental plans Employees gross pay QuickBooks sets up a default called Payroll...

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