QuickBooks Inventory – Part One – Its all About Inventory

Even if your operation is a sole proprietorship, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to comprehend all this. Individual owners, on the most part, do not seem to keep track of their inventory very well and that might have to do with time restraints. Before you begin all this, it what be prudent to sit down and plan this out. Ask yourself these questions and make sure you come up with the...

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QuickBooks 2010 is Unable to Load all Tax Configuration

This is an excerpt from Intuit Canada. Some QuickBooks 2010 users might get the following error message when accessing the HST Setup Tool: “Could not load all the tax configuration. One tax item, account, agency or code may already present in the company file” Why is this happening? This error message is an indication that QuickBooks is unable to decipher your current tax...

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