What Happens If You Make the Default Tax Account Inactive?

I should point out that this article has to do with the Canadian users of QuickBooks, so it may not be relevant to anyone else, hey! In working with a client the other day, I discovered that they had decided to add two accounts for their GST/HST Payable. One was for the HST paid and the other for the HST collected. To do this they made the QuickBooks default GST/HST Payable Inactive as...

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Managing Sales Tax in QuickBooks – Part One

  Since this section has a number of important areas to cover, it will be divided into several segments. If you take a look on your Home page you will see that Manage Sales Tax is part of your Vendor section. With that in mind we will tackle this very complicated topic. If you ever wondered how QuickBooks is able to automatically set up the Sales Tax codes for your business and know which...

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