The Art of Export/Import in QuickBooks Versions, Part Three

There are a few more tips that you should also be aware of when utilizing the export/import features of QuickBooks – and here I thought I would be finished with Part Two. If you have Customers where you have added Payment Info into the Preferred Payment Method section, such as Credit Card No., Name, etc., then you will have to export/import some of those that you see checked off in the...

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QuickBooks Quik Tip for the Day – Long Customer Lists

If you have large databases full of Customers and Vendors, you need to keep those under control, or they will slow your work down to a crawl. Have you ever tried to search through 35,000 names every time you want to process an invoice or enter a bill? The best way is to make the names Inactive. You will still be able to access them if needed, as they remain in the background, but they...

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QuickBooks – Quik Tip for the Day – Snapshot

The quickest way to view a financial picture of your company’s Income & Expenses, Account Balances, Customers Who Owe Money, Vendors To Pay and Reminders, is by clicking on the Icon Bars Company Snapshot! Remember that you can follow me on Twitter for tips and updates also. is now mobile friendly. From the web address you can...

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