QuickBooks Banking – Reconciling Chequing Accounts

Reconciling bank accounts is a procedure that must be done for all companies in a timely manner. By timely, I don’t mean at the end of the fiscal year either – I mean every month. You owners and managers out there, hopefully realize that through the bank comes all monies in and out, so for control purposes the reconciliation is a key component in running a business. All valid...

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QuickBooks Banking and How to Work With it

As you can see from the Home page in QuickBooks, Banking is a separate module unto itself. In this module you can perform the following: Write Cheques Print Cheques Use the Cheque Register Record Deposits Reconcile accounts Enter Credit Card Charges In this series of articles I am going to cover some of the above but not all, since some of those have been written about previously. So...

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QuickBooks Quik Tip on Banking

There may come a time when you have to do some banking, wherein there is a deposit, but it does not relate to a Customer Payment for which you would normally use Receive Payments. This could be a loan or shareholder’s contribution in which there is a cheque to deposit. Not only that but you would like to receive some cash back to replenish your Petty Cash float. Here’s how you would...

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