QuickBooks 2012 News – Email Directly from QuickBooks

Does this screen look familiar? Finally, after me explaining to you about how to email your invoices, estimates and other documents through MS Outlook, via your other webmail provider, QuickBooks has finally caught up to technology with the release of the 2012 QuickBooks. This has been so frustrating having to use Outlook to send those invoices. I don’t know how many times I got busy,...

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QuickBooks Quik Tip – Fixing Your Default Email for Invoices

So you opened up your QuickBooks, went to the Customer module, highlighted a Customer, opened up an Invoice to email and you receive these error messages. What happened? It worked just the other day and you’re in a hurry to get this invoice to the Customer. A couple of things could have happened. First, you may have gone to your Menu Bar, clicked on File, choose Save as...

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The Difference Between a QuickBooks Backup and Portable Copy

When you backup your company file, QuickBooks creates everything that it needs to re-create it.  That means all images, logo’s, letters, templates and transaction log. If you happen to lose or damage this file, you can completely restore this from your backup file which has a file extension of .qbb. This file is usually quite large and is not meant to be emailed or used to temporarily...

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