Enter Time

QuickBooks Quik Tip – Using a Previous Timesheet Made Easy

Did you know that if you have an Employee who has a constant rate of pay each pay period, that you can copy a previous Timesheet? Well, yes you can! To the left is a Timesheet for an Employee that is one of those and it’s so simple, you’re going to wonder how you ever missed it. Read on and I’ll walk you through it. Go to your Home page and in the Employee module section you...

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QB’s Quik Tip – Tracking the Project Manager’s Time – You

This tip is directed towards the owner/operator of any business that bills time to its customers. Say you are the owner of a landscaping firm, but you also do the drawings and oversee the project work. Obviously your time is valuable and you would like to bill some of this time back to the customer. Besides that, you need to track that time to see if the amount that you are investing into each...

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QuickBooks – Enter Time for Employees and Customer Jobs

If you have a number of hourly employees, you will find that the Enter Time function is the quickest way to process your payroll. Most companies that have hourly personnel, have them fill out their time sheets on a daily basis, so you can enter in the time sheets at the end of each week leading up to the payroll. Once you have completed the timesheets, QuickBooks will pull that information into...

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