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QuickBooks 2010 Urgent Service Notice Reminder

  For you QuickBooks users that are still operating with a 2010 version, here’s a important service reminder from Intuit that I am passing along to you. Don’t forget as a Certified ProAdvisor I can offer you a 30% discount on QuickBooks 2013. Dear Certified ProAdvisor, We are sending you this email to make sure that you and your clients are aware that we will discontinue...

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What’s New with QuickBooks 2012 – on Sale Today (09/26/11)

I can remember my first encounter with QuickBooks in 2000, and let me tell you from that point till now, this #1 best-selling accounting software in North America, has really developed into a giant for small to medium size companies. With QuickBooks 2012 to go on sale today, there are some new features for everyone, no matter if you are the owner, bookkeeper, accountant or ProAdvisor. As...

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