QuickBooks Quik Tip – Adding an Icon to the Icon Menu Bar

In the previous article I explained to you how to use the QuickBooks FIND feature. The next step is to show you how to add that FIND Icon to your Icon Menu Bar. There are so many icons to choose from, that QuickBooks does not always place them on that menu, or the ones that you use on a daily basis.  So let’s get busy and add a Find icon to the menu. From the Naviagation Bar click on...

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QuickBooks Quik Tip – Find Feature and How to Use it

I decided to insert this Find feature as a Quik Tip instead of in the Banking module. Mainly because it is not found in the Banking module. Find is found on the Menu Bar. You can also set up Find on your Icon Menu to make it easier for you to use.  This feature is particularly useful when you are searching for an amount or a transaction type, within your company data file. The following is...

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QuickBooks Estimates: Multiples, Find, Creating Invoices, and Reports

Once again I am using the QuickBooks sample company for this exercise. There will be times when you may have already given an estimate to a Customer, when they will notify you to say they would like another one done with an addition or deletion of an item. Now depending on the volume of your business it may be difficult to locate. So let’s take a look on how to accomplish that. From the...

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