finished goods

QuickBooks Inventory – Selling Finished Goods – Part 16

I mentioned to you in Part 13 about the QuickBooks warning if you try and build an assemby without sufficient quantities. Well, the same thing happens if you try and sell more assembled units that you have in inventory. This will change the quantity to a negative if you proceed. There have been many times when I have decided to sell the unit anyways, because I knew that an order had been shipped...

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QuickBooks Inventory – Using Assemblies – Part Eight

Assembled items built in QuicBooks is very basic along with its tracking. When you build an assembled unit, the unit is automatically added to your quantity on hand and its inventory items or other assembly items, deducted from quantity on hand.   By using assembled items, you will always know how many finished products you have and of course the number of items that are in stock. You decide...

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QuickBooks Inventory – Tracking Finished Goods – Part 7

In starting off this next segment on inventory and the tracking of finished goods, I must let you know that you will need the Premier or Enterprise Solutions edition in order to create inventory assemblies. QuickBooks Pro will not do this for you. Also, if you are a manufacturer of a unique item, then there are other products on the market that would be better for you. QuickBooks does not track...

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