Fishbowl Inventory

QuickBooks and Fishbowl Inventory: The Canadian Problem

Although Fishbowl Inventory is a great product for the U.S. client base, that can not be said for the Canadian QuickBooks users. After playing around with Fishbowl’s demo model, I would recommend it if you are a U.S. client but the problem that the Canadian user will find, is that it does NOT have MULTI-CURRENCY. So you Canadian Inventory users, if you deal with U.S. Customers, or see...

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QuickBooks News Updates on Third Party Add-ons

I’m not going to go into the whole details at this time on the following QuickBooks Add-ons, but suffice to say I will mention where you can have a look for yourself. If you are a company that has outgrown the QuickBooks Inventory module or it just doesn’t live up to your needs, you might want to check out Fishbowl Inventory. This is a product that integrates with QuickBooks and also...

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