What’s New with QuickBooks 2012 – on Sale Today (09/26/11)

I can remember my first encounter with QuickBooks in 2000, and let me tell you from that point till now, this #1 best-selling accounting software in North America, has really developed into a giant for small to medium size companies. With QuickBooks 2012 to go on sale today, there are some new features for everyone, no matter if you are the owner, bookkeeper, accountant or ProAdvisor. As...

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Recording Mileage & Invoicing of such in QuickBooks

I remember a company that had a fleet of trucks (7-8) that it used for business. The employees would pick these up from the office location and drop them off at the end of the work day. Now some of these people also took them home. This is where the problem lies with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). Under ITA 6, the benefits associated with any non-business use of that vehicle must be included in the...

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