Online Accounting in Canadian QuickBooks is on a Cloud

There is something new in the Canadian QB’s that you might be interested in and it’s called QBO (QuickBooks Online). It has been out in the U.S. since 2000 but was just released in Canada in 2012. Canada, are you ready to move into the “Cloud Based” reality of QBO (QuickBooks Online)? It is only about six months old, so it is still in its infancy, and but in today’s ever...

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Snap Payroll App for QuickBooks U.S. Employers

Boy, talk about the speed of technology, Intuit (QuickBooks) is now offering a free payroll app for iPhone, iPad and iPod called Snap, that performs paycheck calculations for small businesses. The app available from your Apple’s App Store, calculates the paycheck in minutes anywhere that you happen to be and is updated with the latest tax tables. This apparently is only available in the...

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A Shortcut to Billing in QuickBooks Using Your iPhone

You got to love this technology, as long as you have the attachments to make them work. If you’re an owner of a company that does consulting and you have a need for detailed explanations for the work you perform, then I have a tip for you. First you need to have an iPhone. Why? Because I don’t have a Blackberry so I don’t know how this tip works with one. Once you leave the client and can...

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