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QuickBooks Inventory – Setting up Multiple U/M – Part 20

Once again just a reminder that you need the Premier or Enterprise Solutions version of QuickBooks to utilize this feature. Rather then repeat the criteria  for using multiple U/M, I will direct you to the link. When you chose Multiple mode, you are asking QuickBooks to define U/M sets that you can assign to items. This will start out with the smallest unit which is known as the base unit....

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QuickBooks Inventory – Enable the Unit of Measure – Part 18

As mentioned in Part 17, you can assign different units of measure (U/M) to different items, but each item can only have one U/M. Before you can assign one you need to Enable the Unit of Measure (U/M). In QuickBooks, to check if this has been done, proceed to Home page/Menu Bar/Preferences/Items & Inventory/Company Preferences and under Units of Measure, check to see if the Enable Tab is...

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