QuickBooks Quik Tip – Payroll TimeSheet Report

If you are using TimeSheets to enter your employees time, and costing it to particular jobs,  you may want to verify it with a Report. The report I would suggest can be found by going to the Menu Bar/Reports/Time, Jobs & Mileage, and then you can choose Name. This will show you every entry that you made on the TimeSheet for your Scheduled Payroll. You can then cross reference it with the...

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QuickBooks Inventory – Labour Item for Assemblies – Part 10

There will be many occasions when you sell a product that will require labour, in order to assemble it. Thus the need for an item called “Assembly Labour”. You should by now have enough information from this site on how to create an item, but in case you are just joining in to this Inventory segment, I will guide you through. Just follow my steps. Go to your Home page, at the top is...

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