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Customizing Forms in QuickBooks – Changing Field Widths

Following up on the previous QuickBooks exercise, where I moved the phone number beneath the address field, I will now start the process of changing the field width and lining up the phone number, with the border of the address. Once again using the My New Invoice template, I will Edit Template and then click on the Layout Designer tab to start this function. I will select the phone number...

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Designing Custom Form Layouts in QuickBooks

This is the second part of the series on Customizing Forms and it has to do with the QuickBooks Layout Designer. Previously I showed you how I could change the font, columns, footers, add fields, etc., well now it’s time to change the design or the layoutas QuickBooks calls it. You will see that in the Layout Designer, I can move, re-size, add, remove, centre the columns, use borders or not...

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Customizing Invoice Templates In QuickBooks

Create a New Template Manage Template Customizing Forms Change Field Order Customize Footer Print setup   This article now starts a series about Customizing forms in QuickBooks. Are you aware that each of the forms that you use in QuickBooks has its own layout? Do you know that you can...

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