QuickBooks Other Accounts and How to Work with Them

This article starts a series with other accounts and how to use them in QuickBooks. Since I have already covered Inventory and Banking (cash) in a previous series (see Categories) , let’s turn our attention to some of the Other Current Assets. These might include, but not limited to, term deposits, GIC’s, Money Market Paper, T-Bills, Advances and Prepaid Deposits or Expenses. As...

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QB’s Quik Tip for the Day – Previous Reconciliation Reports

In the previous QuickBooks tip – Printing Bank Reconciliation Reports, I mentioned that if you had QuickBooks Pro you would only be able to print the current Bank Reconciliation Report. There is another way to print this report using the QuickReport feature and a few modifications. Read on and I will show you how. Starting at your Home page as usual, click on the Chart of Accounts icon,...

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QuickBooks Quik Tips on Customers

  It’s time to look at a few tips that have to do with the work you have been doing in the Customer module. In creating invoices you may have some that are repetitious from cycle to cycle. If so, you can save some time in not having to re-enter the data, by memorizing the invoice transaction. Here’s how you go about doing this. Let’s say that you have set up an agreement...

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