QB’s Quik Tip for the Day – Previous Reconciliation Reports

In the previous QuickBooks tip – Printing Bank Reconciliation Reports, I mentioned that if you had QuickBooks Pro you would only be able to print the current Bank Reconciliation Report. There is another way to print this report using the QuickReport feature and a few modifications. Read on and I will show you how. Starting at your Home page as usual, click on the Chart of Accounts icon,...

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QuickBooks Lists – How to Print the Customer & Jobs

QuickBooks allows you the flexibility of printing a list for reference and to a file to use in a word or spreadsheet document. How you modify or setup the printing as it appears on your screen, will be how it is printed on paper. Test it first by choosing Preview in the Print Reports screen. For example if you collapsed the list it would print in that format. There are a few ways to print...

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