The Difference Between NumberCruncher and Fishbowl Inventory

My good colleague at NumberCruncher, Ian Benoliel, CEO, gave me some information that I found interesting. In light of that I thought I would pass it on to you people that are having problems deciding on which Integrated QuickBooks Inventory package to use. All Orders by NumberCruncher and Fishbowl Inventory are both inventory and order management software that integrates with QuickBooks. Both...

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NumberCruncher’s Inventory Goes Further with All Orders

  This is one product that I have written about previously and I can’t say enough good things about it. So I thought I would update you with this following excerpt from my colleague at NumberCruncer. If you are a manufacturer in the food industry, then you will really find this Lot Tracker extremely helpful. Advanced Inventory & Order Tracking All Orders by NumberCruncher is a...

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NumberCruncher the Inventory Add-on Made for QuickBooks

As mentioned yesterday, I would be doing a write-up of my findings of the NumberCruncher demo that I did. First, let me tell you that I had the pleasure of doing this remote demo with NumberCruncher’s President and Founder, Ian Benoliel. I’m not going to go into Ian Benoliel’s profile as this is readily available via Google. Ian and I do have one thing in common though, and...

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