The New and Improved QuickBooks Online – you Decide

For those of you that I have spoken with, maybe Intuit has listened and improved the QuickBooks Online for all of us to use. Therefore, I am sharing this email with you that I received from Intuit to see what you think of the new QuickBooks Online. Don’t forget to voice you’re opinion at the end of this email. The new and improved...

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2013 Organization of Your Business Tax Receipts

I came across a recent article regarding the organization of your business tax receipts, felt is was informative enough that I  thought I would share it with you. It was written by Dene of It is simple enough to misplace your receipts and documents throughout the year, especially when your business is booming. With this said, there can be drastic consequences to misplacing...

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Converge Magazine Testimonial

“We have been very pleased to have Larry work with our organization. You can tell he knows his stuff and cares about his work. He has helped train our bookkeeper, get more organized in QuickBooks, and even put in some volunteer hours.” Thumbs up! Jeremy Mills, Director of Sales & Operations Converge...

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