How to Reconcile a Credit Card Statement & Pay it in QB’s

Continuing on from the last session, where I showed you how to enter in credit card charges, I will now explain how to reconcile them. The reconciling feature in QuickBooks can be used for most accounts and I would strongly suggest that you use it for reconciling credit cards, Due to/From accounts, term deposits and investment accounts –  besides your bank account. Since I have already...

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QuickBooks – How to Pay Your Payroll Liabilities

As you may know as the employer, you are required to track both the payroll expenses and liabilities as per the Employment Standards Act.  The following are the amounts and accounts you will look after: Company-paid portions of EI and CPP/QPP Company-paid benefits for your employees – e.g. company-provided dental plans Employees gross pay QuickBooks sets up a default called Payroll...

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