QuickBooks 2012

QuickBooks 2012 Error C=224

If you have been experiencing an error C=224 message when trying to open your 2012 QuickBooks company file, then you’re not alone. That my friends has also been happening to me, and upon reporting it to Intuit, they informed me that they are aware of it and are working on a repair patch.  In the meantime you may try and Rebuild your company file to see if that repairs the problem. This...

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What’s New in QuickBooks 2012? Part One

There are so many new tweaks, looks and features in QuickBooks Premier 2012, that I decided to split them up into a number of articles. Opening QuickBooks, for me, took longer than usual and I’m not sure why, so beware if it seems like it’s not operating, just be patient. So let’s start with the first screen that will appear when launching QuickBooks, which is the No...

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QuickBooks 2012 News – Email Directly from QuickBooks

Does this screen look familiar? Finally, after me explaining to you about how to email your invoices, estimates and other documents through MS Outlook, via your other webmail provider, QuickBooks has finally caught up to technology with the release of the 2012 QuickBooks. This has been so frustrating having to use Outlook to send those invoices. I don’t know how many times I got busy,...

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