QuickBooks Letters

How to Edit a QuickBooks Letter

Having created a letter in QuickBooks, you should now be able to understand that you can make changes to this letter in Microsoft Word, or in the QuickBooks Letter Template. If you recall, I created a letter in the previous exercise (Bounced cheque) and now I will work with the QuickBooks Letter Template to edit it. From the Home page I will choose Company from the Menu bar and than Prepare...

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QuickBooks Letters and Their Use

Not many QuickBooks users that I have come across in my twelve years, know about or have incorporated into their daily work, the use of  letters. Maybe that’s because we tend to use email and text messages in this day and age, and letters are a thing of the past. In saying that, you may still find the need to send a letter to a customer, vendor, employee or to a list of people. With...

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