KANDY Outdoor Flooring Testimonial

I am pleased to take the opportunity to commend Larry on the exemplary service and advice that he provided to me recently. I am the founder of KANDY Outdoor Flooring and began operating the company in early 2012. I was challenged to find a reasonable solution for my books that provided both robust and secure features in a cloud environment that was also reasonably priced and worked in a MAC...

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Twin Lions Contracting-Testimonial

“I hired Larry earlier this year to instruct me on how to use QuickBooks, as I had just started up my new contracting business. With absolutely no background in the accounting and bookkeeping industry I definitely needed help. Larry worked with me, allowing me to understand the ins and outs of QuickBooks in no time. Larry was incredibly knowledgeable about the software and made navigating...

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Testimonial from Free Enterprise Plumbing

“I run my own Virtual Administration and PA Company; in addition I help to administer my partners plumbing business. Larry has helped us to completely set up and utilize QuickBooks for our Plumbing business and I also have ongoing tutoring sessions with him. We were using a very complicated and antiquated filing and bookkeeping system and to make things even more difficult, I was learning...

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