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What’s New In QuickBooks Advanced Inventory 2012?

If some of you have been using QuickBooks Premier or Pro and would like to stay with the Intuit family, then maybe you should have a look at QuickBooks Enterprise Solution Version 12.0 for 2012 – Advanced Inventory. Yes Enterprise Solutions is costly, since it currently retails in US dollars for $3,000 for a five user package, or if you are an existing Pro, Premier, Online or Enterprise...

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Tracking Fixed Assests in QuickBooks made Easier

I recall working for a company that had eight computers, a number of printers and a server. Besides that, they also had various software, office furniture and equipment, machinery and equipment related to their type of industry, and a small fleet of trucks. As you can image, there was a lot to keep track of. Now one way of tracking all this would have been through an Excel spreadsheet, but the...

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