QuickBooks Inventory – Enable the Unit of Measure – Part 18

As mentioned in Part 17, you can assign different units of measure (U/M) to different items, but each item can only have one U/M. Before you can assign one you need to Enable the Unit of Measure (U/M). In QuickBooks, to check if this has been done, proceed to Home page/Menu Bar/Preferences/Items & Inventory/Company Preferences and under Units of Measure, check to see if the Enable Tab is...

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QuickBooks Inventory – Using Units of Measure – Part 17

This last installment to the Inventory section, Using Units of Measure, will be divided up into seven sub parts. So, this will incorporate Parts 17 through 23. Once again I must remind you, that unless you are using QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise Solutions editions, you will not be able to utilize these inventory features. With that, I will press forward. Units of Measure (U/M) can show you...

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