QuickBooks Payroll and Efile for your Employees

QuickBooks EFILE and Employee Enhancements If you have been using the Efile feature in QuickBooks to process your Employees’ T4’s, then you will want to check out the  new capabilities for 2011. The following should be of assistance to you: EFILE RL-1 forms (Quebec compliance requirements) EFILE  T4A and T5018 forms (Canadian Govt requirements) Ability to Amend and Cancel T4 and...

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How to Run a Scheduled Payroll in QuickBooks

Now that you have entered in your time sheets, let’s move ahead to the actual scheduled payroll. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly type. Just make sure you have set up all your Employees for this particular type. Once again I am using a sample company which is QuickBooks Pro, 2011. Go to Home and in the Employees section you will find a Pay Employees...

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