Your Business Year End in Retrospect and Preparation

First of all I must give credit for the following information to Ledgers Canada, who I have found have timely tips and valuable insight. The end of the year does not have to bring woes to your business, in fact, it should represent a time to reflect on the successes (and failures) of the previous year and a time to look forward to the upcoming year, your business plan and goals. When thinking...

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QuickBooks Payroll and Efile for your Employees

QuickBooks EFILE and Employee Enhancements If you have been using the Efile feature in QuickBooks to process your Employees’ T4’s, then you will want to check out the  new capabilities for 2011. The following should be of assistance to you: EFILE RL-1 forms (Quebec compliance requirements) EFILE  T4A and T5018 forms (Canadian Govt requirements) Ability to Amend and Cancel T4 and...

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Adding New Vendors in QuickBooks

In continuing with this series we now come to the Vendor module. We have been using as an example a British Columbia service based company that provides consulting for companies both on and off-site. In this segment I will deal with adding new vendors. From the Home page let’s check to see if any Vendors have been set up as yet. If you answered the Sales Tax question in Preferences...

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