The Difference Between a QuickBooks Backup and Portable Copy

When you backup your company file, QuickBooks creates everything that it needs to re-create it.  That means all images, logo’s, letters, templates and transaction log. If you happen to lose or damage this file, you can completely restore this from your backup file which has a file extension of .qbb. This file is usually quite large and is not meant to be emailed or used to temporarily...

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Customizing Invoice Templates In QuickBooks

Create a New Template Manage Template Customizing Forms Change Field Order Customize Footer Print setup   This article now starts a series about Customizing forms in QuickBooks. Are you aware that each of the forms that you use in QuickBooks has its own layout? Do you know that you can...

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QuickBooks Quik Tip for the Day – Print Status Stamp

I was asked this question recently. How do I give a Customer a receipt for the invoice that they have paid? You may have noticed that after you have Received Payments and completed Record Deposits, that if you go to the Customers module, highlight a Customer name and double click on an invoice transaction that has been paid, you will notice a  PAID stamp next to the Invoice To box. So how...

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