Vacation Pay

QuickBooks Quik Tip – Accrued Vacation Pay Payroll Item

For anyone that is using QuickBooks Payroll, you will notice that certain Payroll Items are arbitrarily assigned to specific general ledger accounts.  Take for example CPP, IE, Federal Income Tax and even Accrued Vacation Pay. If you have more than a handful of employees, this can result in confusion on how much is actually owed in accrued vacation pay, at any given time. To make your life a...

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QuickBooks Payroll – Part 2 – Adding a New Employee

As mentioned from the previous segment, it is now time to set up an Employee. Working from your Home page click on Employees which will take you to your Employee Centre/Employees tab/New Employee. In the New Employee screen you should see three other tabs: Personal, Address and Contact and Additional Information. In the Change Tabs: field the drop down box will have three other selections:...

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