Is Your QuickBooks Company File too Large to Manage?

If you are running QuickBooks versions EasyStart, Pro or Premier, and your company file is starting to act like your computer’s hardware is processing at 1990’s speed, it may be that your company file has grown too large for QuickBooks to process. How large is too large you say? Well there’s a number of criteria. It could be that any one of your 18 Lists has grown above the...

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The Problems with Your Upgrade in QuickBooks Older Versions

Are you one of those businesses that has been using an older version of QuickBooks ( say 2006-2009), because it works just fine, not having needed the payroll and had Microsoft XP as your operating system? Well you may be in for a rude awaking if you go out and purchase 2011 and think that the upgrade will be simple. Do you really want to, or have to, go out and purchase all the versions...

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Discountinued Support for QuickBooks 2008

  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, that technical support and business services for QuickBooks 2008, and of course later versions, will no longer be available after May 21, 2011. This is not uncommon for software, as all companies such as Microsoft, Intuit, etc. must continue to cut expensive support as they progress to newer versions. You should still be able to receive receive...

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