Write Cheques

How to Record a Loan Payment in QuickBooks

  Previously I set up a liability account for a Trailer Loan in which the total cost was entered. I have set the payment up as a pre-authorized type, and since the bank charges both principal and interest on this loan, I am going to show you how to record a payment to recognize both components. This is done using the Write Cheques feature. Making sure I am on the Home page, I will...

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Setting up an Item and Paying non-employees for Time Worked

In a previous segment I covered an area to do with timesheets or time data for employees. There will be situations where you have to pay people for their time,  that are not on your payroll.  Fortunuately for you, QuickBooks can transfer the time data for a specified date range to a cheque for non-employees. How this is accomplished is by QuickBooks prefilling the Items tab of a cheque with...

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