KANDY Outdoor Flooring Testimonial

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I am pleased to take the opportunity to commend Larry on the exemplary service and advice that he provided to me recently.

I am the founder of KANDY Outdoor Flooring and began operating the company in early 2012. I was challenged to find a reasonable solution for my books that provided both robust and secure features in a cloud environment that was also reasonably priced and worked in a MAC environment. I finally found QuickBooks Online and forged ahead with this program.

I soon realized that QuickBooks Online does not have a very large following and I found it almost impossible to find anyone to help me with my bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online. I finally found Larry who immediately stepped up to the plate. Even though his primary focus is training, Larry helped to set the foundation of my accounting system to allow for future growth. Larry went above and beyond for me–‐ he recruited a Bookkeeper that he mentored not only specific to my business, but also on QuickBooks Online. Larry took on the task of making sure that this person was totally up to speed before he put her into the bookkeeping role.

If it were’nt for Larry’s dedication, accountability, creativity and tenacity, it would have cost me many hours and thousands more dollars to create a system that actually helps grow my business instead of hinders my progress.

I would highly recommend Larry for anyone considering utilizing his services.


Kelly Niessen, President

KANDY Outdoor Flooring

Larry Testimonial form Kelly at Out Door Flooring



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