The Problems With QuickBooks 2011 and How to Fix it

Posted by on Mar 11, 2011 in News Updates | 12 comments

There seems to have been a few bugs in the 2011 QuickBooks release that you may have started to see, especially if you purchased the package recently.

I have already posted in my “News and Updates” section the problem with the Payroll. Well, it doesn’t seem to end there, as I have also come across a few more that may leave you scratching your heads.

For instance, if you have printed some financial reports and your Balance Sheet does not balance or suddenly your Invoice template has suddenly lost all its labels, such as the word Invoice, Date or Invoice #, fear not, you’re not going insane.

It’s the original R1P QuickBooks release that is the culprit and I’m going to tell you how to fix it.

First of all you need to find out which release you are using before you start to Update it. To do this make sure QuickBooks is open and press the Control (Ctrl) 1 keys.  This will open up your Product Information screen as I have displayed in this article. I have erased some of the information to protect the integrity of the owner.

On the very first line you may see this information. Product  QuickBooks: Premier Accountant Edition 2011 Release R1P. Now if you purchased QuickBooks Pro, then substitute that for the Premier Accountant Edition which I have.

If your release says R1P, that is the problem and you need to Update to R4P. This will fix all the problems, which might be Payroll, Reports and Templates.

To perform the Update, go to your Menu Bar, which is at the very top of your screen and is the grey bar that starts with File, Edit, View etc. Look for the word Help and click on it and then select Update QuickBooks/Update Now, click on the Reset Update box and then Get Updates.

When it is finished it will say Update Complete and then you can Close the screen.

Go back and press the  Control (Ctrl) 1 keys and the Release should now be R4P.

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12 Responses to “The Problems With QuickBooks 2011 and How to Fix it”

  1. Exellent info! Bookmarking it now. will visit your blog again..

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    • Larry Johnson says:

      Sorry, too busy.

      • carolyn beauvais says:

        Hi! Last month (Sept. billing for Aug.) my small business used my 2011 Quickbooks Pro as usual, no problems.
        This month (billing Sept.) I got message “problem, Windows looking for solution. Will contact with solution.” No contact from Windows.
        I would like to get my billing done. How do I fix the problem to continue using Quickbooks 2011? Do I need a professional coder to help me?

  3. This is great. I have had my fair share of issues with Quickbooks, but by using these tips and going to the third party client OneClickStatements here , working with Quickbooks has been all good.

  4. You own a very interesting blog covering lots of topics I am interested as well.I just added your site to my favorites so I can read more in the future… Please continue your marvellous work

  5. We use quickbooks 2011 and are having a lot of problems. I checked to see which release we have and it appears we started with R10, R11, R5, R6 now on R8 and we are still having problems

  6. Eric Brown says:

    I am using Quickbooks Premier Contractor Edition 2011. I recently purchased a new computer and when I loaded quickbooks on the new computer I had problems with the reports. I can no long adjust the column widths or double click on items in the reports in order to go into more detailed reports. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

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