The Problems with Your Upgrade in QuickBooks Older Versions

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Are you one of those businesses that has been using an older version of QuickBooks ( say 2006-2009), because it works just fine, not having needed the payroll and had Microsoft XP as your operating system? Well you may be in for a rude awaking if you go out and purchase 2011 and think that the upgrade will be simple.

Do you really want to, or have to, go out and purchase all the versions in-between the years your gap is? Stay tuned and I’ll answer this question as I proceed.

First of all, QuickBooks changed its program structure in 2009, so fonts, and .dll files will not be happy with this huge gap in the versions. Also it may damage your company file in the rebuild process, then you’re in for a whole lot of frustration. I happen to be writing this from experience, just having gone through it with a client.

So let’s set the stage of what happened recently with this upgrade. A client who had QuickBooks Pro, 2006 version, decided to upgrade to 2011 Pro. He thought this would be straight forward and when he received the error message that QuickBooks didn’t want to finish the rebuild or open the company file, that’s when the problems started and I received the call.

Now contrary to public thinking, not all of us ProAdvisorsknow everything about the QuickBooks software, how the program was written or the errors that we may encounter. That is why we also depend on the more knowledgeable expertise of the senior technical support people to help us. By the way, those are not in abundance as I have come to realize after ten years.

First of all, I checked the 2006 company file to make sure the the data had no integrity problems and when it told me that it was clean, I proceeded to start this long and tedious process. My first thought in this upgrade was to proceed version by version or year by year.

For example, I would upgrade the 2006 to the 2007 version, check the company file’s integrity  and move on to the next version which would be 2008. When I checked with the technical support people for the key code from the ProAdvisor download site, I was told that I didn’t need the code, but could upgrade straight through to the 2011.

That was my first mistake, going away from my original plan, as this support person was incorrect and it cost me some valuable time to find out it would not work. I also received an error code with a particular number (-14111,0) which I needed help with, so back to phone I went to contact tech support.

The next support person’s English was very poor and hard to understand,  had no clue or could tell me what the error code was, and he disconnected the line. That’s what they seem to do when they don’t have an answer. Now if Intuit screens the calls like they say they do and a supervisor was listening, I wouldn’t have that person on my staff.

Moving on and trying to remain calm, the next tech support person said that I had was on the right track with the thought of upgrading through the versions to 2011. So I was able to get the key codes for 2007, 2009, 2010. I was told that I would not need 2008 but could skip to 2009.

You will be happy to know that the upgrade and conversion from 2006 to 2007 went fine, date integrity check was good, no error message, the company file opened up and the last work that was done was still there. So with confidence I moved on to the 2009.

You have to remember that the downloads from the ProAdvisor site for these versions take time. In the meantime the clock is ticking and customer is working away in the background on some other business, but within hearing distance of my dealings with the tech support people .

Since the 2007 went fine, I expected the 2009 to go smoothly. Alas, it wasn’t to be. Sure, the upgrade and the rebuild of the data went OK, you could open the company file and work in it,  but when I checked the data integrity, there was that error code message again (-14111,0).

With the client going away the next day and needing to take QuickBooks with him to work on, it was decided that he would work with the 2009 company file, while I once again liaison with QuickBooks tech support . This time I finally got a hold of a very knowledgeable person and she was like apples and oranges ahead of anyone I had spoken to during this five, going on six hour marathon. Unfortunately, even she couldn’t tell me what the error code was.

Is this some secret code that only the software programmers know?

What she did tell me was that the client’s 2006 company file, would have to be emailed to Intuit for them to do the upgrade to 2011. If there was any data corruption, then the client would have to pay for the repair.

Here’s my argument on behalf of the client.

If the company file was tested and proved OK, and the upgrade to 2007 was tested and proved OK, and the upgrade to the 2009 is where the error code message (-14111,0) appeared,  then the problem must originate with the re-writing of the 2009 QuickBooks software program, and not the client’s company file.

Is this continuing saga of the QuickBooks upgrade problem over? Well, since the client’s company file is on its way to Intuit, we will not know for a few days to a week. But I will keep you posted if you check back to this site.

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11 Responses to “The Problems with Your Upgrade in QuickBooks Older Versions”

  1. I ran through the same thing, getting ridiculous errors (like one claiming QB had lost connection with my network and telling me to keep the data file on the same computer as the program, when both the data and program are on the same stand-alone computer) and finally found a workaround. I saved a portable file from QB2006 and opened that in QB2011. it took about a half hour, it went through the verifying data stage several times, and then it opened it up.

    Prior to doing that I had to update QB2011, which included downloading a 400mb “maintenance patch”. It it obscene for a software company to impose such downloads on people- too many individuals and small businesses have bandwidth limitations and simply can’t do things like that. How dare they?

    • Larry Johnson says:

      Thanks Sam for your comments.
      I agree with your statements, but it has to do with the software re-development after 2006. Some QB Techies will tell you that you can upgrade straight through from 06 to current, but that is not so.
      You have to go step by step or should I say, year by year.
      Thanks for the info on the maintenance patch, was not aware of that.
      For any of you out there reading this, make sure and you only let a few versions go by before you update, otherwise be prepared for similar problems.

      • In my case saving a portable file from 2006 and opening it in 2011 did succeed, but that was only after I’d wasted 4 hours on multiple failed attempts with regular and backup files.

  2. Laura Winkler says:

    We ran into the same problem… solved it by installing a 2012 version and adding the backed up 2006 company file to it. Works beautifully!!

    • Larry Johnson says:

      You were very fortunate because the software technology changed in 2008, which means you usually would have to upgrade to 2007 before going to 2012. Glad it went smooth for you.

    • Cameron Androvics says:

      Tried the upgrade from QBP 2006 to QBP 2008 with no success. Lots of frustration… We want to transfer the original files on a new computer, but require a newer program for our newer computer. We want to use 2012 after knowing you did this. Was it an easy transition to keep the backed up files and use the new program? Your thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.

      • Larry Johnson says:

        I can help you virtually with this, just go to my Blog page, and click on the Payment tab, pay $80.US and give me your contact number. This payment will cover 2 hours.

        • Gail - Advanced Title says:

          Hi – I have QB2006 Pro. I want to upgrade (still using XP laptop & moving into Win 7).
          I tried QB 2008 but wasn’t able to upgrade files. so i’m stuck until i read your blog.
          is there hope that i can upgrade & move in my new laptop with QB? this would save weeks of rebuilding or best starting over this year on a new QB program. if that is the case what is recommended 2011, 2012, 2013?? I can’t run thr QB2006 on my new laptop and my XP is slowly fading out. Please help!!!! 🙁 gail

          • Hi Gail. There is a patch for your upgrade. Google Intuit or QuickBooks maintenance patch for 2006 upgrade. You may have to install year by year since 2006 Version is 8 years behind. The alternative, is to start with the Balance Sheet opening balances for a new fiscal year, in your new QB package. See my blog on that.

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