Update on QuickBooks Customer Database Software

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Well, I spoke to a SalesForce sales person and I have good news for those that have large Customer databases in QuickBooks, and need to manage it. First of all you’re going to be able to create a sales order, estimate or  invoice in SalesForce (SF).

Once SF is integrated with QuickBooks when you open up SF, you will be in a QuickBooks window. NO more duplication of work, if you have been generating Customer invoices in Maximizer and then having to input it again in QuickBooks.

SF has five editions to choose from and they all have separate costs. Now before I give you those costs, you need to consider the time spent if you are currently duplicating input work, from your database to QuickBooks. How many hours in a day, times the number of days in a month, times 12.

I was only given three editions, which I will pass on to you, and the rest you can get at the site from the link in the first sentance. The first is the Enterprise Edition and its cost is $1,500 per year per user or $125. per month.

The Professional Edition is a complete CRM and once integrated, can produce the QuickBooks Invoices and others I spoke about earlier. Another good feature is that is can email your documents. Its cost is $780 per year per user or $65. per month.

The final edition is Force.com which is the Developer platform for anyone that may want to customize their use.

SF is a web based product, and has been in business for 12 years (a positive) and became integratable with QuickBooks in 2007.  Its versions’ work with the Canadian and United States QuickBooks, in fact it has global use with QuickBooks.

Since it offers a 30 day trial version, I would check this out to make sure it is compatible with what you are trying to solve.

Here’s the catch. The Integration software or code, comes from a third party producer and most have a cost to them. Do I know the costs? Not at this time. You can find these on their site under AppExchange. There are apparently 18 of these and some are free.

If you have a wireless phone, think of them as the Apps that you may have.

So what happens in a year to your data if you decide it’s too costly or something changes in your business? Well since you own the data you can export that data as a .cfv file.

Hope this helps anyone out there that is struggling with this type of Customer Database decision.

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