Using QuickBooks Statements to Bill Customers

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Are you aware that you can bill a Customer using a Statement Charge? This feature does have its limitations, but it would be helpful to you if you just want to accumulate charges before requesting payment. You might also have a customer or customers that you assess a regular monthly charge to.

A Billing Statement will list the charges a Customer has accumulated over a period of time.

As you perform the service you enter in the charges one by one. Later on, you would print the billing statement which will show the previous balance, new charges, payment received, and the new balance. If you send monthly statements than Billing statements would work for you because they will display the details of all new charges.

If you billed the same charge (parking) to a group of customers on a regular basis, you could set up QuickBooks  to enter the charges automatically by memorizing  the transaction. Most businesses that bill recurring charges on statements can use this feature.

Here’s how to perform this task.

From the Home page and in the Customer module, click on the Statement Charges icon. This will take you to the Accounts Receivable Register.

At the bottom of the register make sure that the box beside 1-Line is UNCHECKED. Highlight the next unused line and start entering the information.

Working from left to right the Date field will be first, then the Type column which will have defaulted to STMTCHG, as displayed on the right. Next will be the Item field, where I have choosen Clean Up Labour from the drop-down box.

Since I had already set up the rate for this item it will automatically fill the Rate field and the Amt Chrg field. All that I have to do is add the number into the Qty (Quantity) field, which is 1 in this exercise.

To finish I will click on the Record tab, at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. QuickBooks will then add that amount to the balance of the Accounts Receivable register. In this case that would be 40.00

I would then e-mail the statement to the customer.

To memorize this billing charge I would make sure that line is still highlighted, right click on my mouse and choose Memorize Transaction and follow that steps for the frequency of how often I want this charge to appear.

To create this statement I would go to the Customer module and click on the Statements icon, choose the Statement Date, Statement Period, and for this particular exercise choose one Customer. From the drop-down box I have chosen the appropriate name which then displays the Statement as shown on the left.

Now for the catch and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this.

Billing Statements do have their limitations in QuickBooks.

– You can’t record sales tax, payment items, percentage discounts or group items as a separate charge. You would have to use an invoice to do that.

– You can’t group related charges together and subtotal them (Invoice you can).

– On a Billing Statement a charge can only represent one item (invoice as many as you want). So for each service you must enter a separate statement charge.

– Finally, you cannot add custom fields to the statement form. is now mobile friendly. From the web address you can choose Options/Mobile formatted and the site will appear in all its living colour for you to view. Check it out.

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12 Responses to “Using QuickBooks Statements to Bill Customers”

    • Jeannette Ater says:

      Customer’s name and address are in the “Bill to” box but will not print on statement. The dates, invoices and charges print but not the name and address of customers.

      • Larry Johnson says:

        Hi Jeannette,
        Couple things may be happening. From the Menu Bar go to List/Templates and highlight the Statement that you are using. Right click on your mouse and Edit Template. At the bottom of that screen click on the Additional Customization tab and make sure the Invoice To box is checked.
        If it is already checked, then close that screen and go to your Customer Centre and highlight one of your Customer names. In the Customer Information box to your right you should see the Company Name and Billing Address of the Customer. If not, go to Edit Customer and copy the Company Name that is in that field and paste it to the Invoice to box in the Addresses section.
        Hope this helps.

  1. Have tried everything and cannot get company name and address to print on the Customer Statement Template. It’s just a big blank in that field.

    • Hi Cindy, first you need to save a copy of that Template you are using, so that you can make the changes you want. Then Lists/Templates choose the saved Intuit Standard Statement/ and you will be in the Basic Customization screen. Under Company and Transaction Information check off the boxes beside Company Name, Company Address and click OK. MAKE SURE that this info is also in the Company/Company Information found on your Menu Bar. Without it there, you will have the blank you are speaking of.
      Hope that helps.

      • Susan Berg says:

        The “company name” on the checkboxes refers to the company sending the statement, not the customer company name. It’s rare to see the customer company name on any drop down lists, except for a few reports. A major flaw.

  2. If I wanted to include the name of the patients we did work for in a single statement, can I do that?
    We invoice the doctors after every work with do, each invoice has one to unlimited amount of patients names on them per work sent. Recently, we had a doctor ask for a monthly statement that included all of those patients names because they misplaced the invoices. Is that something we could do, is it possible to list all those names in an invoice?
    Thank you!

  3. Jessica Gravett says:

    Is there a way to turn off the printing of invoices for a particular customer in QuickBooks, or is there a way to set the statement to email for a certain customer and not print?

    • Jessica, you didn’t tell me what version of QB’s you are using. So I’ll try and assume it might be Pro, or Premier.
      Your invoices will not print unless you either click on print or Print Later box in the Create Invoices window. If you have selected it to print and you do not want it to, go to File/Print Forms/Invoices and uncheck any of the Customers invoices you do not want to print.
      Is there a way to turn the printing of an invoice on at the Customer Centre level? Not to my knowledge, which makes sense, since it is an Invoice function.
      In the Create Statement window, it will not print unless you click on the print tab. The email is a totally separate function and tab.

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