Will the QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy Work with Errors?

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This article is mainly for QuickBooks ProAdvisors since they are the ones that would use the Accountant’s copy. Normally this is pretty straightforward, with the client emailing you the Accountant’s copy via the Intuit Server, you work in it, make the changes and email it back.

What happens though if you have done a Verify Data and it has checked out clean, but there are errors in the background prior to you receiving the backup? For example, if there were some broken links which did not record when you checked in the QBWIN.LOG?

Well, I’m here to tell you that the Accountant’s copy will NOT RESTORE! If you did have that problem what could you do to resolve it?

For one, you could Convert Accountant’s Copy to Company File/QBW and then try and restore it. Don’t forget to run the Verify Data after restoring.

Sometimes if it does display an error it can be resolved by Utilities/Rebuild Data and then Verify Data to see if that corrects it.

There are other problems that one should be aware of when working with the Accountant’s Copy. If you make any changes to the GST/HST Receiver General Vendor, such as creating a new Vendor and calling it for example, CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), QuickBooks does not see to like you changing the name on any transactions that have been originally created with Receiver General. If you did that and found it created problems, change the Vendor name back to the original that was used in the first transaction.

One other concern would be the number of changes that you make to a Receiver General account. The totals seem to vary, so if you are not sure, contact Tech Support and ask for the Supervisor to find out. Most first responder tech support people will not know the answer to that question.

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